Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Bloemkool End Kass Soep

From the Garden of Edam.

As accidents go, this one is one of the best.
You will, unfortunately, need the use of a liquidizer.
It is entirely upto you which cheese you use,
but blues are a little too strong.

About half a pound will do.
Take one large cauliflower (bloemkool), without leaves.
Chop into smallish pieces.
Cook a medium Leek, a small Carrot and a Potato.
When they have softened up, add the Bloemkool.
Chop cheese also into small cubes.
When veg is soft, remove from heat and spoon florets into liquidizer,
adding some of the water (it must be hot, not boiling).
Switch on and add the cheese with the rest of the florets.
Swirl it around until smooth, then return to pan and simmer.
The addition of herbs, salt and pepper is to your preference.

Serve with thin slices of black rye bread.