Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Potty Penguin Bistro v H. Potter

Soon be Halloween and all things black and ghostly. So why not cook up something interesting to go with it. The chef at the Potty Penguin Bistro has come up with just such a dish. Simple. Even the worst cook couldn't make mess of this.

Take four large open cap Mushrooms and slice thickly.
A dessertspoon of mint sauce.
Something to give body - a small tin of mushy peas.
Secret ingredient - 1 Packet M&S Terribly Clever Roast Potato Seasoning.
1.5 litres water.
Add all to pan and bring to boil.
Turn down and simmer for about five minutes.
Allow to cool then liquidise.

You should have a dark mint flavoured soup which can be served hot or cold. For some real fun add to a pot of cream some red vegetable dye then a swirl to each bowl. It doesn't freeze so advise just making it for one meal.

I do wish that Owl would find somewhere else to perch it's quite un-nerving.